Alberta Network
For Safe & Healthy Children

Ensuring that children in Alberta grow up healthy and safe from abuse or neglect.

Providing resources and tools to help keep your children safe and healthy

Alberta Network For Safe & Healthy Children

The ANSHC is a provincial network consisting of stakeholders from a variety of sectors and disciplines including health, injury prevention, social work, enforcement, childcare, and community outreach.

Our goal is to ensure that children in Alberta grow up healthy and safe from abuse or neglect. The Network has evolved from the former Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Network in 2007 and continues to develop strategies to support service providers in their work to increase capacity in parents of all ages and circumstances.

We believe that most people do the best job they can parenting their children, but sometimes parents and caregivers feel they lack in experience, support, information, or patience. It is a hard job being a parent.

Network priorities:

Identify and develop or enhance resource materials that help parents understand and respond appropriately to their child’s individual needs.

To encourage parents to take good care of themselves. Parents sometimes feel it is selfish to take time away from their child to relax or have fun. The reality is, if Mom and Dad are exhausted and stressed it is even harder for them to parent in a positive and healthy way.

The Network will achieve this by addressing trends and issues in our communities and identifying prevention strategies that could improve and enhance services.

If you have an interest in this initiative please contact:

Provincial Coordinator
Alberta Network for Safe and Healthy Children

[email protected]

If you have concerns about the safety of a child call the Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-387- 5437 (KIDS).

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