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Parenting is incredibly rewarding but it is also very hard work. Even though we try do our best at parenting our children there will be times when we may feel lost and overwhelmed. Parenting is a life long learning process.

It’s all normal but…normal doesn’t mean easy.

New parents often lack the natural support system provided by relatives and friends. Families sometimes live far away from those family members and support people who would offer a helping hand. Many people are having their first child without having had very much, if any, experience with children.

Developing or identifying materials that help parents understand and respond to their child’s needs is a priority. ANSHC hopes to encourage parents to take good care of themselves. Parents sometimes feel it is selfish to take time away from their child to relax or have fun. The reality is, if Mom and Dad are exhausted and stressed it is even harder to parent in a positive and healthy way.

This sections deals with crying in particular and can help you understand more about:

  • Why babies cry? What is normal? What is colic?
  • Ways to soothe a crying baby
  • Ways to help yourself when the crying is too much
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) and why SBS is included on a web site about infant crying

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