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Somali / Soomaaliya

Horumarka Carruurta, Horumarka Waalindinta

Welcome to developing children, developing parents. This series of recordings gives you basic information about having a baby, becoming a parent and caring for your young child.

The topics covered are as follows:



by Alberta Network for Safe & Healthy Children | Developing Children, Developing Parents

NEW: Download All Chapters in MP3 format (169MB .ZIP file). Note: burning these files to CD will require 3-4 CD’s.

Our sincere thanks to all who worked so hard on the project:

  • Gregory Kennedy – script writer
  • Saida Ahmed – Translator and voice of narrator
  • Mana Ali – Voice of mother
  • Mohamed Mohamed- Voice of father
  • Randy Robertson – Recording and editing technician
  • Brian Clark – Composer and editor

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